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Preview: Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 Title And Plot News

by Damian Seeto


The title and short plot summary have now been revealed for Dragon Ball Super episode 68. As always, minor spoilers follow so click away if you don’t want to see anything.

The latest issue of V Jump magazine has posted details for next week’s Dragon Ball Super episode. Herms98 on Twitter has kindly translated the details.

Episode 68 airs on November 27th, 2016 and the title is “Searching for the Dragon Balls to resurrect King Kai“. King Kai is the blue Northern Kai.

The plot summary says: “Goku looks for the Dragon Balls in order to bring King Kai back to life. But Bulma and company also have a wish for Shenron. Stay tuned for Goku and company’s next fearsome foe!

Fans may remember that King Kai and his friends Bubbles and Gregory got killed off when Cell exploded his planet. He was never officially revived as he’s had a halo above his head for many years now. It sounds like Bulma and the others want to wish for something else.

The end of the sentence suggests we may get a clue to what the next story arc will be. Stuff has leaked already, but we’ll post details for you closer to the time of the air date.

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