Preview Video Teased For A Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens Blu-ray Special Feature

by Damian Seeto


Disney has released a preview teaser for one of the special features that will be included in the Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens Blu-ray.

The preview video is for the “Table Read” special feature. This documents the first time that the original cast and new cast for Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens met to read the script.

The preview video is only under a minute long, but the real feature will be over 4 minutes long. Sadly, we won’t be hearing the whole table read from the movie, but we will get to see some of the reactions from the cast of the film.

A fun fact is that Mark Hamill acted as the narrator during the script read. If you have seen the movie already, you’ll know that he didn’t have any lines to read so this is why he had to be the narrator.

The Blu-ray/DVD for the movie comes out in North America on April 5th, 2016. The digital version is released a few days earlier on April 1st, 2016. Aside from the “Table Read”, a ton of other special features will be included such as many deleted scenes and a 69 minute long documentary.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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