PS4 Lifetime Sales Nearly Double Those of Xbox One and the Lead is Growing

by Kyle Hanson

Sales certainly aren’t everything in the gaming console business, but fans love to compare and contrast, so we like to indulge. With a recent comparison revealed by VGChartz, whose figures are definitely not 100% accurate but usually give a decent idea of where everyone is at, we see that overall lifetime sales of the PS4 are nearly double those of its closest competitor, the Xbox One. The exact figures provided by VGChartz are:

  • PS4 – 20,215,802 million units
  • Xbox One – 11,638,701 million units
  • Wii U – 9,329,635 million units

These are worldwide figures, which is essentially why the PS4 has such a massive lead. While Xbox One has done well in the US and a few other key territories, like its predecessors before it, it has been unable to establish a foothold in Asian regions. Japan specifically has been particularly poor, with weekly sales reching well below 1,000 units for the Xbox One. Meanwhile Japanese natives like the PS4 and Wii U see strong sales, though nowhere near their handheld counterparts in the traditionally mobile territory.

Xbox One made headlines when it was able to usurp the top spot in the US and UK from Sony’s PS4, but the momentum didn’t completely last and it wasn’t enough to take the worldwide crown. PS4 has remained the top seller across the globe, allowing it to continue to extend its lead. Last month saw the PS4 gaining almost 500,000 additional sales on top of the 300,000 that Xbox One was able to earn. Although PS4 sales were actually down for the month compared to last year, while Xbox One and Wii U were up. However, without a major shift in the marketplace it looks like the PlayStation 4 has solidifed its position at the top of the sales charts.