Quantum Break Skipping E3 2015, Will Show New Material At Gamescom 2015

by AOTF Staff
Quantum Break

Remedy fans know that Quantum Break is the company’s next major title, but it seems they will not be showcasing new material again until Gamescom.

Well known writer, creative director and overall the face of Remedy Entertainment, Sam Lake announced today via Twitter a video which made a special announcement to fans regarding their 20th anniversary birthday celebration. In the video (below), he goes on to talk about the anniversary and thanks the fans. He even mentions that other than Quantum Break, “there are a lot of exciting things in the plans as well.” He also goes on to mention that he strongly believes they have not made their best game yet.

He goes on to announce a contest to fly one lucky winner out to Finland for the Remedy Entertainment 20th Anniversary Birthday Party. To enter all you have to do is create a short video telling your favorite memory, or wishing them ‘happy birthday’ and if the contestant insists, they can do their best rendition of the ‘Max Payne grimace’. Sam Lake goes on to give an example of this iconic expression. For more information regarding the contest, check out the official website.

Lake goes on to mention their appearance at Gamescom last year with Quantum Break and assures fans they will be back again.

“We were at Gamescom last year with Quantum Break, we had great fun. We will there again this year, the next time we are releasing new material. We have a theater on the show floor where every one of you is welcome to check us out and see the new exclusive Quantum Break demo. I’m very much hoping to meet you there.”

Quantum Break is set to release exclusively on Xbox One in 2016.

- This article was updated on July 30th, 2021