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Rainbow Six Siege Sees The Return Of Terrohunt

by Dean James


It has been multiple years since we’ve gotten our hands on a new Rainbow Six game and that is why fans were so ecstatic upon the reveal of Rainbow Six Siege last E3. This year is showing off so much more and one of the big reveals was the return of Terrohunt.

Playable solo or with up to four friends, you will face the most difficult AI in the game’s series so far. Terrorists will create a stronghold here and the team must lead an assault using destruction in unexpected ways according to the presenter.

The live demo looks really fun and shows how the team based gameplay will make this very different from the rest of the games in the genre.

Terrohunt will have four different modes in Rainbow Six Siege, including Terrohunt classic. This should mix up the gameplay a lot and make it a lot of fun.

Make sure to stay tuned all day and for the rest of the week to Attack of the Fanboy for the best coverage on not only this game, but plenty more. For all of the info you may have missed yesterday, make sure to check out our Day -1 Wrap Up Video as well.

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