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E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo)

Rare announcements a near certainty for E3

by William Schwartz


E3 is just around the corner, and if you follow gaming news in the least bit you have been inundated by rumors, wishlists, early releases, leaks, and every other form of game jouralism debauchery.  Good news is, we’ve heard a ton of new things to be excited and look forward to.  Bad news is, there’s still a week to go.  Last week Rare launched its new logo, a news event in itself because of the iconic stature of the retired logo.  One of the oldest companies in the the business, Rare is likely announcing big things come E3. Well, things at least.

Recently acquired by Microsoft, Rare has been quite quiet since the acquisition.  With E3 around the corner, speculation has already begun as to what Rare will be offering up come convention time.  As well as the new logo, Rare is redesigning their website.  In 7 days this site will be active again, guess what else happens in 7 days?  You guessed right young padawan, Microsoft’s press conference is the 14th, and it’s Natal event is the following day.

Big news on the Rare front is likely, as this sleeping giant has been dormant for far to long.

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