Rare Destiny Emblem Up For Grabs In Crucible Play this Wednesday

by AOTF Staff

A rare piece of Destiny loot is up for grabs this Wednesday in the form of an emblem that can be earned by playing and defeating a group of top tier players in the Crucible.  Beginning on Wednesday, February 25th from 6:00 – 8:00 PM Pacific Time, Guardians will need to head into the Crucible matchmaking and get lucky to be paired off against Primeguard and a couple of Bungie PVP testers to get an opportunity to earn the item.

Players will need to be playing Clash game mode, and own The Dark Below expansion content on the PlayStation 4.  Look out for the following names in your lobby:  Dattowatto, leopardstealth, Nostradomass, Hycubis, pointcow and RogueProphet.

Bungie will be streaming the event during the two-hour window, and it sounds like players are going to have to get really lucky to get matched up for a chance to win.   You can catch a glimpse of the ultra-rare Destiny emblem over on Bungie.net.