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The Reason Why Tetsuya Nomura Left Final Fantasy XV

| February 7, 2015

The Reason Why Tetsuya Nomura Left Final Fantasy XV News  Square Enix Final Fantasy XV

Some new information has now been revealed as to why Tetsuya Nomura is no longer the director for Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV designer, Wan Hazmer, gave his two cents on the matter on his own blog. A fan wanted to know why Tetsuya Nomura got removed as the director for the game.

Hazmer gave this answer on Nomura:

“Whoa there, we are still following his direction on the universe, characters etc. so his vision plays a very big role in FFXV. He was never kicked out, in fact far from it.

He has to pay full attention to Kingdom Hearts III, another game that is in dire need for release, so the company has left the rest of the production of FFXV to my director Tabata-san.”

This type of answer makes sense. Kingdom Hearts III needs full attention as well, and Nomura wouldn’t have been able to work on that and Final Fantasy XV at the same time.

Hajime Tabata has made lots of progress as the new director for Final Fantasy XV anyway. The game is going to be playable for the very first time with the demo coming out in March. It’s only a matter of time until the full game eventually gets released.

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  • Damian Solis

    I just hope the clothes can be changed into the original ones. Or other variations. This news is relieving tho. I expect a dark story with an atmosphere like that 2006 trailer and this hopefully means that is still intact.


      i suspect that it will only be the new clothes, and throughout the game if they switch, it will be automatic and for story or side story reasons, (the suit for the treaty)

      • Damian Solis

        That actually makes alot of sense. I didnt think of that. Maybe those 2006 clothes are there for that specific part of the game like u say. In that case im all for it!

        • CRIMSON-XIII

          yeah, and there is so much of this game that they havent revealed, all we know is that the treaty happens and fails, and bits an pieces of one region of the full map. there is so much more with characters and women and story that we do not know. especially with the different locations and plot points, different clothes could come in, we only know like 15 minutes of story total out of the full game :)

    • ToasterStrudel

      So it’s out now, time to necro random convos I peep. How did you find the game? I think dark is the right word to described how it all went down, what a lovely game.

  • Keithisonfire

    Only a matter of time he says. Like as if time is the least of it’s problems. Let me just tell you how much the world has changed in the last 10 years since the beginning of development…

    • Dustin McFadden

      Well? Go ahead and tell us…

      • Billy Brenders

        Well first off the game was originally intended to be played in the final fantasy 13 universe, so that’s a big change already.

        • CRIMSON-XIII

          it depends, it was never going to be in the final fantasy 13 universe, it was going to share the mythology in terms of how the world works as far as Falcie and Lcie and the hidden forces. but i dont think noctis and crew were going to be walking around the city of cacoon or on gran pulse. its on its own planet and universe. the common thing behind the fabula nova crystalis is having the crystals and forces of power be in relation to deities and or gods/goddesses

        • John

          That’s a lie at worst, and a misunderstanding at best.

          Versus XIII was never meant to be in the XIII “universe” — it only used the same mythology. XV is the SAME EXACT WAY, since the trailer for XV at E3 2013 displayed the words “Fabula Nova Crystallis” at the very beginning. Type-0 also uses the same Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology.

          If what Wan Hazmer says about the script remaining unchanged is true, then expect to hear Stella talk to Noctis abotu the goddess Etro (the same Etro from 13, 13-2, and so on).

          The XIII trilogy takes place in its own universe. Type-0 takes place in its own universe. XV takes place in its own universe. But they are all connected by the same mythology, but with different interpretations — the l’Cie in Type-0 function very differently from the l’Cie in XIII, for example. I’d also like to think that Noctis himself is basically a l’Cie — a human blessed with powers from the divine.

          l’Cie. Lucis. It’s a bit too much of a coincidence for me to write off. But that’s speculation. What ISN’T speculation: Versus XIII was never going to take place in XIII’s world, they just shared the mythos, and they still do.

          • CRIMSON-XIII

            i think your post is a long version of the one directly above your comment that i made 10 days ago.

          • John

            Is that a problem?

          • CRIMSON-XIII


          • Mehmed

            So my friend, after over a year what do you think about your original post? Is it really the same game as Nomura wanted it to be?

    • DAS

      Why is Altair in the middle?

  • Christopher

    Old news

  • Roonda

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  • disappointed former fan

    Once again, the savior game of square soft takes a back seat to Disney. No wonder XI, XII, and XIII were such failures. Bring back Sakaguchi.

    • Syn

      XII and XI a failure lol, dude, one got a perfect score and the other is the largest bringer of money in the entire FF Series so far(real reborn might take that throne in the next few years..Tho XIII is utter shit by all standards…….

      • disappointed former fan

        If your definition of success is how much money a game produces, then you and I have very different standards of success. By that definition, Call of Duty is one of the best games on the planet and if you believe that is true then I’m not going to waste my time arguing.

        • Syn

          So just because a game isnt to “your” preference means its a failure??? Please, we all have our preferences, and the whole “its not the final fantasy it used to be” bs is just a sad state of people who arent comfortable with change. Praising the limitations of the old systems as to how the game should be is rather simple and closed minded if you ask me. As for success with FF games, well, unlike COD, most of the people that played your so called failures would in most cases be Final Fantasy fans in the first place, its just your personal preference hence your own perception of them, as failures, you should probably have thrown in a “IMO” there cos thats all that was, luckily for me, i have reviews, meta scores, sales, acolades and fans to back up my claim, where as on your end, its just a couple of disgruntled fans and an opinion that you feel matters more because you assume you understand what denotes a quality game better than the rest of us plebians…. So it each his own

          • disappointed former fan

            You are absolutely right. I am close minded about the changes that they have made since FFX but I am not just one of a select few who feels this way. Many of us “old system” gamers feel that ever since FFX’s beautiful graphics Square has focused first on how pretty they can make a game and then they might put some thought into the story if they have time. Final Fantasy, at one point in time, had to focus on the story because the systems would not support the hi-def graphics and the real time battle systems and that is why I call XI XII & XIII failures. Final Fantasy X was the peak of the final fantasy storylines and ever since, the story has degraded more and more. However, what you have seemed to skip over entirely was the main point of my original comment, that Square has put Kingdom Hearts in front while Final Fantasy takes a back seat. And why not? Disney foots a large portion of the bill as long as the game screams Disney. Sadly enough, Kingdom Hearts has had a better story than Final Fantasy since it came out but unfortunately I have tried to play them and yet I can’t seem to enjoy playing what I feel is a kids game. Square is putting more and more stock into Kingdom Hearts and Less and less into their main series and I am not the only one who has noticed this and thinks it is a bad idea. Even Sony just sold off nearly 10 million of its Square Enix Shares which pulls nearly 50 million dollars out of Squares pocket. I may be an old system gamer afraid of change but trends are showing that Square is tanking and unless they can pull a miracle on FFXV, they will lose even more support which they can not afford.

          • Syn

            I see your point, cant argue about the stories being much weaker in the recent iterations, they are, and XI doesnt really count for story cos of its MMO nature, XII even though I enjoyed the graphics, combat, locations and music, had an extremely weak story imo. X told a truly great story, that is definitely one of the best in the series(am replying HD right now), and I do agree they have faltered in the recent years, heres hoping XV is something amazing both gameplay and story wise.


      you know a lot of people like those games right …. granted i didnt play 11 cause i didnt have the subscription money when i was younger, but 12 and 13 were great. youre actually part of a minority that didnt like them, the minority of “stuck on older FF nostalgia” i love them as much as the next guy, cant wait for ff7 on ps4. as well as the others, currently playing ff6. not only did they sell well, but they were great dude

  • Julian Hardaway

    Yeah but we already knew all of that six months ago…

  • aloysiustoh

    after completing the game.. i will forever be wondering what will it be like if is completely under Tetsuya Nomura and did not have to revert :(