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Remedy Won’t Spend 5 Years On Next Game; Promises Deeper Game Mechanics

by Mike Guarino


Remedy Entertainment is notorious for creating games with a very long development time, as the gap between their projects seems to be getting wider and wider. Both Alan Wake and Quantum Break were in development for several years before they finally released, and now that they have two games in the works it has lead some to wonder if the wait will be even longer now.

However, the developer has come out to put the worry of some fans at ease, replying to a concern someone made note of on Twitter. When a fan asked Remedy Entertainment Head of Communications Thomas Puha if their next game would even be on this generation of consoles, he replied with “We wont take 5 years on the next games.” He also confirmed that they have 140 people split between two games, noting that what they can build is “quite limited.”

Taking this even further, Puha also shed some light on the direction they will be taking their upcoming games going forward, which seems to be in response to a complaint with their most recent game. He said that “We are definitely focusing more on game mechanics now and in the future. Need to improve there, create deeper, better gameplay mechanics.” This will be good news for those who played Quantum Break, as many agreed that it was impressive from a story perspective but lacking from a gameplay perspective.

Unfortunately, we’re still in the dark when it comes to what the two games are that the developer is working on. While many have been asking for a sequel to the popular Xbox 360 game Alan Wake, they have said previously that neither of the two games they are working on are Alan Wake 2. Even still, that hasn’t stopped them from teasing that they have much better ideas for the sequel if it ever gets made.

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