Rock Band 4 Will Be 1080p & 60fps, Supposedly Releasing In October

by Dean James
Rock Band 4

Harmonix finally unveiled the much awaited Rock Band 4 a few weeks ago after a hiatus of a few years following the series’ third entry. While we got a reveal trailer and some details, we did not know when this year it would be coming. Thanks to the UK magazine MCV, Harmonix has given us not only a release month, but a very important detail about the game itself.

Within this latest issue of MCV, it was revealed that Rock Band 4 will be arriving this October, which goes along with the trend of the series to release in the fall. This isn’t all that surprising, as most figured it would release sometime around then.

The best news to come out of the magazine however was an interview with Rock Band 4 product manager Eric Pope, who divulged that the game would be 108p and run at 60fps, though Pope thinks that another aspect of these new consoles is even more exciting.

“It’ll be 1080p and will run at 60fps. I know there’s a vocal group of players that want to hear that. But what to me is more exciting is the online infrastructure of the consoles. It will open a lot [of] opportunities for us to support the game in more reactive, timely ways.”

I know I’m personally very excited for this game, so hopefully Harmonix will continue to give out more information moving forward and we should be able to experience all the fun again this October.

- This article was updated on March 19th, 2015