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Rockstar North Getting Help for GTA V

by William Schwartz


A new rumor suggests that Rockstar North may be hitting up 2K Czech for an assist in the development of Grand Theft Auto V. The developer best known for their work on Mafia II will be contributing to the highly anticipated release if sources close to VG247 are correct. According to the website, 2K Czech has been helping out Rockstar by creating animations, cut-scenes, and general gameplay work for almost a year.

In helping with GTA V, Rockstar will be sharing trade secrets with 2K in their development of Mafia III, which is unannounced but also rumored to be well underway in development. Of course, none of this has been confirmed by Take Two at this time. Their official policy on rumors and speculation is “no comment”.

While the two developers seem to be a good fit for a collaboration, it’s hard to tell how much stock we can put into the rumor. I suppose we’ll find out in due time if Tommy Vercetti shows up in Mafia III.

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