Rumor: Batman vs Superman Causing WB To Be Nervous Over Justice League Movie


Batman vs Superman may have been liked by some fans, but it wasn’t universally praised by everyone. The divisive reception of the film has reportedly caused Warner Bros to feel a little nervous about the Justice League movie.

According to a report from Birth.Movies.Death, Warner Bros. execs and Zack Snyder are currently having creative differences. Warner Bros. are anxious over Snyder’s vision of the Justice League and the DCEU. Warner Bros. cannot remove Snyder from the film as it’s out in November 2017 and they don’t want to delay their plans.

The main reason the two parties are having issues is because everyone was taken aback by the critical reception that Batman vs Superman received. They didn’t expect the film would have been that divisive.

This comes just a few days after The Flash’s director, Seth Grahame-Smith, leaving due to creative differences with Warner Bros. Both DC and Warner Bros. have planned comic book movies until the year 2020 so delaying things would ruin the whole schedule and layout.

Hopefully Warner Bros. and the whole DCEU can pull together. We liked Batman vs Superman and Man of Steel, even though they both have their own flaws. Suicide Squad is out this August so fingers crossed that film does well.

- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2018

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