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Rumor: Darkseid’s Role In The Justice League Part 1 Movie Is Small

by Damian Seeto


Batman vs Superman had a lot of references alluding to Darkseid coming down to Earth very soon. It looks like Warner Bros. is saving him for the future as he will only have a small role in the Justice League Part 1 movie.

According to Heroic Hollywood, Darkseid will only appear in the prologue and near the end of the film. This is because Justice League Part 1 will focus on another villain instead.

The main villain in Part 1 will be Steppenwolf who is in search of 3 motherboxes. The mother boxes can be seen during a deleted scene for Batman vs Superman that Warner Bros. released officially a couple of weeks ago.

Bear in mind, the script can change so there’s a chance Darkseid could have a bigger presence. However, it’s best to save Darkseid for Part 2 since the Justice League is a two-part saga.

Production for the Justice League movie is still going ahead and it’s going to be out in November 2017. A number of the cast members are in London already preparing to film it. Warner Bros. needs the movie to succeed after Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman both received polarizing receptions.

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