Rumor: Dragon Ball Super’s Black Goku Has A New Super Saiyan Form

by Damian Seeto


If you have been following Dragon Ball, you’ll know the show is famous for featuring many transformations. Dragon Ball Super’s current villain is Black Goku and he might sport a new form of Super Saiyan that we have never seen before.

As reported by Saiyan Island, Bandai is going to soon release candy in Japan that features new artwork for Dragon Ball Super. The artwork shows a new transformation for Black Goku that has yet to feature anywhere else. The picture is blurry, but some people are already calling this “Super Saiyan Pink”.

Since the TV show has yet to hint of this, we’re keeping it safe and calling it a rumor for now. It’s possible Black Goku does become stronger during future episodes since the normal Goku overpowered him during their last fight.

It’s worth mentioning the candy does not go on sale in Japan until August 30th, so we may see this new transformation of Black Goku next month. Dragon Ball Super took a break last week, but it will be back again this Sunday to resume the saga.

- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2018

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