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Rumor: Warner Bros. Wants More Batman In Batman v Superman

by Dean James


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will bring the debut of Ben Affleck’s Batman to the big screen next March and early reviews have been absolutely raving for Affleck in the role. As a result, it sounds like Warner Bros. wants even more Batman in Batman v Superman.

This latest rumor comes courtesy of Heroic Hollywood, who has been pretty spot on with DC Extended Universe news. He says that Warner Bros. is pushing for more Batman to be in the movie at the expense of Superman.

Early reports were that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was so good when screened for executives that they gave not only the movie, but Affleck a standing ovation in their viewing.

This isn’t a huge surprise, as they have already announced a solo Batman trilogy with Affleck, so Warner Bros. obviously feels very comfortable with him in a lead role.

Batman is certainly DC’s top seller and will more than help this movie do fantastic in the box office I’m sure, but it is pretty late in the game to be altering the movie itself with cuts. This could mess up the pacing and make the whole thing feel disjointed even, all just for the reason of appeasing executives.

Regardless, we’ll see how Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice turns out when it releases next March.

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