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Rumored Nintendo Wii U Specs Arrive

by William Schwartz

Rumored Nintendo Wii U Specs Arrive

With the Nintendo Wii U planned for a 2012 release, you can let the speculation about the final specifications for the device begin.  A recent rumor has surfaced that claims an “unnamed Japanese developer” has outed the specs for the console.  The specs listed below don’t look like “Next Generation” specs, and would align with other speculation that the Wii U will only be slightly more powerful than current generation hardware like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Rumored System Specifications for the Nintendo Wii U

  • Quad Core, 3GHz Power PC-based 45nm CPU
  • 768 MB of DRAM “embedded” with the CPU, and shared between CPU and GPU
  • Unknown, 40 nm ATI-based GPU

The rumors is said to have come from a Japanese developer that is currently working on porting a game from the PS3 to the new console.  Furthermore, there are multiple versions of the console that house different memory levels, one with 768 MB and another with 1GB.  It’s probably too early to expect Nintendo to confirm or deny these rumors about the upcoming console, but 2012 will likely hold all of the answers as another rumor suggests that Nintendo will re-reveal the console at next year’s E3 2012.

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