Shenmue 3 Is Actually Happening On PS4

by Dean James


Sony is dropping megaton after megaton tonight, but none may have been as surprising as this. Shenmue 3 is actually happening, at least if the Kickstarter campaign is successful.

Coming during the Sony press conference, Adam Boyes surprised us all by starting to talk about the success of Kickstarter with bringing games to their platform. This time however, a game is being promoted by Sony themselves on Kickstarter and its one of the most requested games of the last 15 years or so.

Shenmue 3 was once thought to be nothing but a pipe dream, but it is actually happening. We don’t have too many details about the campaign yet as it is not actually live, but when it is, you will be able to find it at http://www.bit.ly/saveshenmue

This is hopefully what more developers will do moving forward to bring us games that we really want but developers are too afraid to invest money in.

Make sure to stay tuned all day and for the rest of the week to Attack of the Fanboy for the best coverage on not only this game, but plenty more. For all of the info you may have missed yesterday, make sure to check out our Day -1 Wrap Up Video as well.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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