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Small Tom Holland Spider-Man News On His Captain America: Civil War Role

by Damian Seeto


Some small news has trickled out on the role that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will play in Captain America: Civil War. It sounds like he won’t be a neutral character as he will take a side in the war between the hero characters.

Even though this news is quite minor, some potential spoilers will be discussed about Captain America: Civil War. You might want to avoid reading this post if you want to watch the movie with a fresh mind.

In the latest Empire Magazine (via WhatCulture) it reveals that the Avenger characters all choose a side between Captain America and Iron Man. After that, it’s up to Peter Parker who “forms a relationship with one character.

The wording for the article suggests that Spider-Man does choose a side and he plays a crucial role in the movie itself. In the comic book, Spider-Man teams up with Iron Man and he even gets his own Iron Spider Suit. However, during the course of the comic, Spider-Man switches sides to be with Captain America.

It appears Spider-Man won’t be in the movie until after all of the other characters choose a side. This could mean he appears during the latter half of the movie as all we’ve seen of the trailers so far are the main characters.

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