Sony Confirms PS4 Viral Vids are fake

by William Schwartz


We posted a couple of videos that were on Youtube the past couple of days from SCELabs.  The very well done short teasers alluded to a possible PS4 announcement.  Well, it turns out they aren’t real.  Sony PR representative Al de Leon told Game Informer that the video ” is not from SCE” .  

In all actuality it just didn’t make any sense really.  With developers still getting more and more out of the current hardware, economic conditions, and the numerous other ventures Sony is undertaking right now with the current gen hardware, it seemed like a longshot.  

Though somewhere someone is probably working on an early stage PS4, we won’t be getting any big surprises from the E3 and Sony, revealing new console tech.

- This article was updated on:May 16th, 2017

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