Sony & Microsoft are behind the 3DS curve

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The Nintendo 3DS could be the most innovative device of E3 so far. When you take into consideration that Microsoft’s motion controlling device seems to be lagging Nintendo’s innovations by years. When comparing the press conference of Microsoft of that of Nintendo you can clearly see who the major innovators are at this years E3.

With so many features unveiled for the new handheld , which include the best of both worlds: 3D- and motion control.  It’s hard to think that a casual gamer would rather spend $200.00 on Natal or Move than get themselves a 3DS.

Confirmed at Nintendo’s press conference were the images of the device. The analog functionality was confirmed for controls which is called the slide pad.  But also included in the control scheme are motion sensors and gyro sensors much like the original Wii controllers. The device will allow you to take pictures in 3D.  Even share these pictures with other 3DS gamers.  3D movies will also be available to watch on the 3DS and it appears that Nintendo will launch some type of app store similar to Apple to deliver content to the device.

There will be no shortage of games for the device either, as many big named franchises are already lining up to release with the 3DS at launch.  While the problems were addressed of the conflict between Touch Screen and 3D which was one of the wonders that many people had as far as fingerprints and screen clarity.  The touch screen will only be on the bottom of the device.

With the inclusion of so many great features in the new handheld, its hard to see Microsoft or Sony topping this level of innovation at this years expo. The Nintendo 3DS looks to be the Iphone of the Gaming Industry.  A device so powerful that once you use it you will wonder how you ever lived without it before.

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