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South Park Coming Back to XBLA with Tenorman’s Revenge

| October 13, 2011
South Park Coming Back to XBLA with Tenorman's Revenge News  South Park

New South Park Xbox Live Exclusive on the Way

Another exclusive South Park game is headed to Xbox Live Arcade.  The game which was just recently announced and given a release date will head to the Xbox 360 next spring.  As a follow up to 2009’s SouthPark: Lets Go Tower Defense Play, Tenorman’s Revenge is going to take a much different approach to gameplay.

Tenorman’s Revenge will be a platformer, and is being developed by the team that worked on Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Super Monkey Ball, and Ultimate Mortal Kombat.  The game will feature four player online cooperative play and while be seeing its debut at New York Comic-Con this week.

Much of what know of Tenorman, was found in season five of South Park.  Tenorman, the half brother of Eric Cartman will obviously play a big role in the game.

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