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Star Citizen collects $14 million with crowdfunding

by William Schwartz


Crowdfunding has been hot the last couple of years and some of the projects utilizing this method have accomplished their goals. Star Citizen gathered about 6,2 million 8 months ago and right now they are at 14 million.

They started development back in 2011 and comes from the mind of Chris Roberts, the creator of Wing Commander, Privateer and Freelancer. The game will feature gameplay like these former titles, with the exception of Freelancer, which means there will be no ‘click-to-kill’ interface. Your success depends on your ability to fly your spacecraft and keeping yourself alive. Chris and his studio, Cloud Imperium Games, originally wanted to raise $2 million for their projects but that goal was achieved very quickly thanks to a very positive reception from the crowd.

The money they received wasn’t through Kickstarter alone. Because Kickstarter is quite limited in time to get such a vast amount of money they had to turn to other options. One of them was crowdfunding on their very own website. Thanks to the vibrant and enthousiastic community millions of dollars were added to the total. Among the extras you can get are exclusive ships, alpha access, beta access and collector goodies. All of these seem to please the fans because they literally are flying over the virtual counter.

All of these extra earnings make it possible to create a bigger and more vibrant world, add more features and ships. Obviously they hope to add even more money to make the game even bigger and better!

Are you a space pioneer and want to lose yourself in Chris Roberts’ universe again then head over to his website and purchase this amazing looking game to get early access! The scheduled release is estimated to be somewhere in 2014 or 2015 and will only be available for PC.

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