Attack of the Fanboy

Star Wars: Attack Squadron Domains Registered by Disney

by William Schwartz


Fusible have found a horde of domain names relating to “Star Wars: Attack Squadron”. The brand protection agency Corportaion Service Company snapped up the domains under Disney’s subsidiary Lucas Film branch, with Fusible citing the below as a brief excerpt.

“Disney seems very interested in protecting this intellectual property.”

Here are just some of the domain registrations made under LucasFilm: (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS)[…] (WHOIS) (WHOIS)

EA, who have an existing multi-year deal to produce Star Wars games for Disney, happen to be the owners of and Attack This begs the question – could we be seeing another new Star Wars game on the horizon?

Apart from a fierce shopping spree to protect a very particular brand identity, there is little more to go on, and although Disney have yet to announce anything publicly as of yet, fans of Rogue Squadron will have a glimmer of hope in their eyes with these findings.

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