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E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo)

The Last Guardian Revealed Once Again At E3

by Dean James


I cannot believe I am actually writing this right now, but Sony just dropped an absolute megaton to kick off their E3 conference tonight. The Last Guardian is actually back and this time on PlayStation 4.

We not only get a simple teaser trailer, but actual gameplay for the game that shows the game is obviously decently far along in its development process at this point.

The puzzle mechanics that have made the Team Ico games so wonderful are here once again and the journey between our two partners in the game looks like it will be the very core of The Last Guardian as expected.

No set release date was given out side of a vague 2016, but that is no big surprise for a game like this that we weren’t even sure was coming. Hopefully we’ll get even more from the showfloor in the coming days on The Last Guardian.

Make sure to stay tuned all day and for the rest of the week to Attack of the Fanboy for the best coverage on not only this game, but plenty more. For all of the info you may have missed yesterday, make sure to check out our Day -1 Wrap Up Video as well.

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