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The Walking Dead Season 2 – Every Ending Revealed in One Video

by Kyle Hanson


Whether The Walking Dead Season 2 was better than the first season is a debate that can and likely will rage on for some time. One thing that is certainly true though is that the second season offered a much greater variety of choice in terms of endings. The Walking Dead Season 1 pretty much ended the same way no matter what you did or said, with a few minor variations thrown in.However, The Walking Dead Season 2 offered at least three totally distinct endings, with minor changes that allowed for five different outcomes.

We’ve played through the ending segment in every way we can think of and have put together a video to showcase every ending available. Spoilers are obviously the entire point so please don’t watch unless you have finished and are just curious about the other ways it could have went down.

I tried to keep them in a somewhat logical order. The order goes:

  • Wellington Ending: Choose Kenny and leave Wellington with him
  • Wellington Ending: Choose Kenny and stay at Wellington with AJ (12:44)
  • Alone Ending: Choose Kenny then leave him and go off on your own (15:18)
  • Alone Ending: Choose Kenny, then shoot him after he kills Jane (22:25)
  • Alone Ending: Choose Jane then leave her and go off on your own (25:06)
  • Howe’s Ending: Choose Jane, get to Howe’s and let the family in (27:13)
  • Howe’s Ending: Choose Jane, get to Howe’s and turn the family away (36:03)

Looking at the choice statistics it looks like the most popular ending was number 6 with Clementine, AJ, and Jane at Howe’s with the family. This is the ending I got during my play through and I was very happy with it, although others seem to feel the Wellington endings were better. Check out the video and decide for yourself and let us know in the comments what ending you got.

Note: Apparently Nvidia’s Shadowplay likes to record The Walking Dead in 4:3 aspect ratio, so sorry about the non-widescreen video. The recording was done in 1920×1080 so it should still look good.

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