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TOC: Overwatch Goes Live… is Elite Worth the Money?

by William Schwartz


This week Call of Duty: Elite subscribers on the Xbox 360 got their second bout of DLC for Modern Warfare 3.  Only a single map, this content drop featured “Overwatch”.  Set on a New York City skyscraper, the fighting takes place along multiple symmetric levels.  With no rails to contain you, one false step can have you plummeting to the city streets below, an impressive map indeed.

Call of Duty: Elite players also got their premium clan features activated , where players can team up to earn bonuses and win both real and virtual prizes by enlisting in Operations competitions.  With Call of Duty: Elite finally getting into realizing all of the promises that were made prior to the launch of the service, we thought it would be a good time to ask what you thought?

Do you feel that Call of Duty: Elite is living up to the expectations that you had?  Are there any things that you wish they did, or did not do?  Tell us in the comments section below.

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