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E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo)

Tomb Raider has huge showing at Microsoft’s E3 Media Briefing

by William Schwartz


At last year’s E3, we billed the Tomb Raider reboot as our surprise hit of the show. After seeing what Crystal Dynamics has done with the franchise, this title is officially no longer an E3 underdog.

The E3 demo began with a dirty, apprehensive Ms. Croft navigating a mountainous terrain sprinkled with gun-toting villains. Evident by the few short minutes we saw of the game, Tomb Raider will be the most action-packed game of the series, looking more like an Uncharted game than anything we’ve seen Lara in before. Climactic set-pieces and intense firefights are making Tomb Raider look like a certain game of the year candidate.

The demo showcased Lara wielding a shotgun, falling into a rapid-moving river, and exiting off a giant cliff forcing her to activate her parachute. It was also announced that the Xbox 360 will be seeing the first DLC content for Tomb Raider as soon as it becomes available.

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