Vampire Counts Are The Final Playable Race In Total War: Warhammer

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by Mike Guarino

Developer The Creative Assembly has been slowly revealing the playable races that are set to be included in Total War: Warhammer, and they have now just pulled back the curtain on the final race. The final race has been revealed to be the Vampire Counts.

The Vampire Counts join the humans, Dwarfs and Greenskins as the other playable races within the game, which are headed by Mannfred Von Carstein. They utilize death magic, necromancy and ride zombie dragon mounts, which honestly sounds incredible.

Here’s a snippet from the trailer showing off the Vampire Counts’ YouTube description:

“All tremble before the Midnight Aristocracy! Led by Mannfred von Carstein, chief acolyte of necromantic magic and the Vampire Counts’ most cunning son, battalions of age-dead soldiers march forth to claim the Old World in the name of the undead. Moldering legions of Grave Guard, Skeletons, colossal aberrations and bat-winged beasts lay siege to gigantic Dwarfen citadels whilst Mannfred himself prowls the skies on his ferocious Zombie Dragon.”

Total War: Warhammer is set to launch for PC on May 24th.

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