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The Wolf Among Us Episode 5 is Coming Soon

by Kyle Hanson


Telltale just tweeted out a teaser image for the upcoming conclusion to Season 1 of The Wolf Among Us. Telltale has a habit of ramping up quickly to new episode releases once marketing has begun, so seeing this image means it could be out within a few weeks. The episode is titled Cry Wolf and should close out Bigby Wolf’s investigation into the Crooked Man and his dealings within Fabletown.

Four episodes of the series are already available. Much like The Walking Dead, the games are a point-and-click adventure where storytelling and characters are the main focus. You won’t solve too many puzzles, but you will make decisions that could result in drastic changes to the game’s outcome. The Wolf Among Us has managed its choices better than the first season of The Walking Dead by having some moments play out completely differently depending on your choices. The big question on fan’s minds though is, will these choices have a Season 2 to carry into.

With Telltale switching gears toward Tales from the Borderlands and the untitled Game of Thrones series it is troubling that no mention has been made of a The Wolf Among Us Season 2 release. The series is based on the Fables comic series, which is still going strong at the moment. Still, they began work on The Wolf Among Us before the total impact of their success with The Walking Dead had been realized.

While Fables is a decently successful series, it is not on the same level as Game of Thrones. It is possible that Telltale might not wish to continue work on this series once Season 1 has concluded simply due to the monumental franchises that they have access to now. Still, the tweet announcing that the latest episode was coming soon did refer to it as a “season finale”, and not a “series finale” so perhaps there is hope left.

The Wolf Among Us is available as a season pass, or individual episodes on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Android, and iOS with PS4, Playstation Vita, and Xbox One releases planned in the future.

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