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Xbox One designed for complete reliability

by William Schwartz


The Xbox One was designed to be reliable. That’s good considering the alternative is unreliable, like the Xbox 360. A console whose original production run saw massive defects that ultimately cost Microsoft billions to remedy. Microsoft was in a bit of a pickle with the Xbox One. They want the console to be not only reliable, but left on for long stretches of time, quiet during these stretches, while remaining cool all the while.

A new report from Digital Foundry suggests that Microsoft has played it safe with the Xbox One, as the company has put reliability above all else. This focus on reliability led to the Xbox One’s size, which DF says is directly attributable to the need for heat dispersion and quiet operation.

Fan noise is only noticeable during gaming when the processor is hard at work

What Xbox One purchasers should expect when the console arrives later this year, is a console that is both quiet and cool. To get this you’ll need to sacrifice more of your entertainment center than you’re accustomed to, but you’ll be able to actually hear your television over the sound of your console, and that’s a back of the box feature if I’ve ever heard one.

In their lenghty breakdown, Digital Foundry does point out that the console won’t be completely silent. “Fan noise is only noticeable during gaming when the AMD processor is really being put through its paces.”

Microsoft has been slowly manicuring their public image of the Xbox One since their reveal went over with a negative response. The company by most accounts “Lost” E3 2013, but have still got a number of stops to make before the predicted November launch date for the hardware.

We’ve been hearing some interesting things about the Xbox One in recent weeks that probably should have been focused on sooner. Unlimited Cloud Storage, the multi-tasking matchmaking called Smart Match, and the impressive computing environment that Microsoft has put together should be getting more attention as we head into Gamescom in August.

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