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Xbox One: Same price, more games, says Microsoft


Microsoft has officially announced that they’ll be offering an Xbox One without the mandatory Kinect sensor, lowering the price of the console to $399.   So now that Microsoft and Sony are on par when it comes to price, what will be the main differentiator when it comes to the Xbox One and PS4?  That answer is games according to Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi.

Speaking with Forbes, Mehdi makes his case for Microsoft having the best games right now, and going forward.

We have the best games line-up and best multiplayer gaming system, says Mehdi.

We’ve got the best games line-up,” explains Mehdi.  “We had the best games line-up this past holiday if you talk to most experts in the games industry. As we go into E3, you’re going to see an incredible games line-up. Knock on wood, I believe we’re going to have a great games line-up for this coming holiday as well.”

“We have had the best multiplayer gaming system in this space for many years with Xbox Live Gold. We’ve really set the standard. You get better matchmaking capability with SmartMatch, you get better protection against people who cheat. Xbox Live Gold is the best place to come play with your friends.”

“The original vision we had for Xbox One, which is an all-in-one entertainment device, and it still is, even with the $399 SKU. You still get Xbox One as an input one device where you can still watch live TV, do two things at once, input switch. A lot of the things you do with entertainment you just can’t even do on other systems. We’re really built for the future.”

It’s too early to tell what sorts of results the unbundling of Kinect will have on sales of the Xbox One, but being $100 cheaper, and having games to play on the console appears to be the one-two punch that Microsoft is going for as we head into E3 and the holiday season.

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