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Xenoblade Chronicles X Gets Much Awaited Release Date

by Dean James


Xenoblade Chronicles X has been one of the most awaited games for the Wii U for a long time. Serving as spiritual success to Xenoblade Chronicles, the game has already released in Japan, but its still going to be awhile before we get the game here in the US.

Today’s Nintendo Digital Event has been focusing on games for the rest of 2015, so there was little doubt we’d see the date reveal for Xenoblade Chronicles X and that is exactly what they did.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will officially arrive in the US after much waiting on December 4. This has been the spot used by games like Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker in recent years, so it’s interesting they are putting such a major game in the beginning of December.

This must mean that Nintendo really has a staunch November lineup already, likely headlined by Star Fox Zero. Hopefully the rest of the Nintendo Digital Event will continue to bring more reveals.

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