Nintendo Direct Announcement Predictions For Today

by Dean James
Nintendo Direct

Nintendo has managed to stay relatively consistent with their Nintendo Direct live streams by holding one almost every other month. With the last occurring in January, everyone has been waiting throughout the month of March for Nintendo to announce their next one. With so many questions about upcoming releases, yesterday’s news that Nintendo was finally holding their next Direct today was very welcome. It almost seems like Nintendo skipped the month of March to hold their latest Direct on April 1st, but this is definitely going to be no joke.

With the Direct coming later today, I thought I would once again take the opportunity to predict some of the announcements or topics we will see in it. Similar to the last time we did this, the picks will be relatively realistic, though some may be more likely than others. A few will even be carryovers from the previous list that were not announced, but could very well come today. Make sure to also tell us in the comments what you think will be shown, as well as what you would most like to see revealed in the Nintendo Direct, which you can catch today at 6:00 pm ET.

Amiibo Wave 4/Future Plans

During January’s Nintendo Direct, we got the official announcement of the Wave 4 amiibo that include the likes of favorites such as Ness and Lucina. Just about the rest of the world has seen pre-orders for these and been given release dates, but the US still lacks both. That means we almost have to get information on these during the Direct, as well as info on the Marth reprint, and possibly amiibo for the next game on this list.

Splatoon Release Date

There are few announcements during this Direct that would be more likely than this one. Splatoon is set to arrive next month and with this likely being the last Direct before that release, they almost have to give it to us here. We could always get a Splatoon specific Direct before then, but the release date would likely come prior. We could also see rumored tie-in amiibo be announced for Splatoon, if a foreign retailer is to be believed.

Mewtwo Release Date & Gameplay/Possible Future Smash DLC

We learned last year that Mewtwo was coming to both version of the latest Super Smash Bros. as the first DLC character in the series. No release date or gameplay footage has been released for him yet, so it would make perfect sense to get those here, with a release only scheduled for the Spring. There is even the chance it could be a case of where Mewtwo could be available at the end of the Direct for those that are supposed to get a code, though unlikely. Some very interesting rumors of DLC popped up yesterday, which said Mewtwo would be coming next week, with three other characters coming at future dates, including Popo, Wolf, and a mystery character. That was merely a rumor, but it would be awesome to actually get something like that revealed today.

Full Details On Mario Kart 8’s Second DLC Pack

After years of holding back, Nintendo seems to have gotten the DLC thing down pat so far with both Mario Kart 8 and Hyrule Warriors being prime examples of how to do it correctly. We’ve already gotten the first Mario Kart 8 DLC pack, which released last November, and next month will be bringing us the second part of that DLC. As a result, this Direct would seem like the perfect time to give us the full details about what we can expect. We know the characters, but information on the new and returning tracks and karts is quite likely.

Apology For The Delay Of The Legend of Zelda Wii U

We received the very disappointing news just the other day that the most anticipated Nintendo game of 2015 had been pushed back to 2016 with The Legend of Zelda Wii U. They already confirmed that the game would not have a presence at E3, but that doesn’t mean they won’t at least mention it today. More likely than not, we’ll get one of Satoru Iwata’s typical “Please understand” statements, though a surprise reveal of new footage would be an awesome addition.

Release Date for Yoshi’s Woolly World

While Splatoon is the next major Wii U release for Nintendo, Yoshi’s Woolly World is supposed to be too far after. It would make sense to show off the game a little more, along with a release date in what is rumored to be June. Even better could be to reveal just how the Yoshi amiibo integration will be in the game. Either way, we are bound to see at least something to do with this game.

Final Trailer For Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

With the release of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D coming in a little over a week on April 10, Nintendo will likely use a short part of the Direct to promote that game in some capacity. Whether it is any gameplay footage or just a new trailer, they want people to get one last look at it before it comes out, hopefully giving people enough reason to buy a New Nintendo 3DS.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018