What the Hell Happened at the Nintendo Switch Presentation: AOTF Podcast #49

by Kyle Hanson


It finally happened. After months of waiting we have actually had Nintendo do a full breakdown of the Nintendo Switch. We know the price, we know the release date, and we know the games that are coming to the portable/home console hybrid. Now it’s time to figure out what it all means. To do that Dean and I sat sat down to go over everything we’d seen and what we thought about it. It’s the AOTF Podcast #49.

Dean was the person to chat with about this. As the site is called Attack of the Fanboy, we’re all well aware of our own fanboy tendencies. We all try to remain fair, but every gamer has that one game or company that they have such fond memories of that they can’t help but love them, even when they’re doing terrible things. Nintendo is that company for Dean and myself. We’re both huge fans, usually fighting over who will get to do the review for whatever big Nintendo release is coming up.

With that said, you might expect us to be over the Moon about the Nintendo Switch. We’re not. As with anything Nintendo, they’ve done some stuff good, a few things bad, and then there’s a whole lot of “what the hell are you doing Nintendo?” Despite being essentially the father of modern gaming, and responsible for some of the best games of all time, Nintendo just can’t get out of their way sometimes. The Nintendo Switch is a perfect amalgamation of this.

The price seems just right, the release date is a bit odd but makes sense in a long game sort of way, but aside from Breath of the Wild, the Nintendo Switch launch looks a bit ugly. Thankfully they’ve got a full year of big releases ahead, though they’re a bit dependent on Wii U remasters or sequels, but still, the first year of the Switch looks solid. The presentation though left a lot to be desired, and the overall idea of bridging Nintendo’s struggling home console with its successful handheld division is worrisome in a lot of ways.

I won’t go into too much more detail, since that’s what the podcast is all about. Give it a listen and be sure to leave us a comment or rating in whatever method you listen to the podcast. We really appreciate the feedback.


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