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Rumor: Captain America: Civil War Could Have Two Hulks In It

by Dean James


Captain America: Civil War is really setting itself up as perhaps one of the biggest movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet. While the Avengers movies so far have been the major team-up movies, next May’s Captain America: Civil War has an incredible cast list that looks like it will return just about every Avenger outside of Thor. Many expected that we wouldn’t see Hulk back, but it’s sounding more and more like we may not see only one Hulk in Civil War, but two.

Talked started to surface last month about Mark Ruffalo returning as the Hulk in Civil War, based on some interesting tweets that seemed to hint that he would be in the movie. Then it was revealed that Thunderbolt Ross was returning in the movie, last seen in The Incredible Hulk as one of the main antagonists, which makes sense with his government ties.

Now, rumors have started to surface that we may be seeing a whole different side of Ross in Captain America: Civil War. First started by We Are Wakanda, who have provided numerous set pictures and other information, they hinted that another Hulk would be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with an image of Red Hulk included.

MCU Exchange then backed up this rumor by being more direct, saying their sources on the set have in fact told them that Ross will turn into Red Hulk during the events of the film. This will lead to Bruce Banner’s return as well and they even tease what they hear is supposed to be a fight between the two that will rival the Hulkbuster battle in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

As with all rumors like this, take them with a grain of salt, but it definitely makes sense. Ross has been gone and bringing him back has to be for something big and Red Hulk would be just the kind of thing to bring the Hulk out from hiding. There is no doubt this could be used in the whole registration versus no registration topic that will be central to the film.

The only question is how will they fit everything we are hearing about Civil War into one film. Either way, I know I can’t wait to see it when Captain America: Civil War releases in theaters on May 6, 2016.

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