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Rumor: Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man May Have Just Been Cast

| May 15, 2015

Rumor: Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man May Have Just Been Cast Culture Rumors  Spider-Man Movie Marvel Comics Marvel Cinematic Universe Marvel Captain America: Civil War Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Spider-Man rights have been owned by Sony Pictures for years now after Marvel sold off the rights back in the 1990s to avoid bankruptcy. With the booming Marvel Cinematic Universe, many fans have long hoped we could see Spider-Man make his way there, but up until a few months ago that was impossible. After the disappointment of the Amazing Spider-Man series box office wise, Sony decided to strike a deal with Marvel to bring Spider-Man to the MCU, so casting rumors have been rampant over the last few months. After recent reports of the field being narrowed down to a few, it appears we may finally have our MCU Spider-Man.

As has been rumored for a month or so now, it looks like longtime frontrunner Asa Butterfield is Marvel’s pick to take on the role of Peter Parker. This news comes straight from Latino-Review, who says they have been sitting on the news since last Friday, but can now confirm that Butterfield is in fact Marvel’s pick.

It is said that contracts are not signed yet, so anything can happen, but both sides are in final negotiations and Marvel is set to make the announcement rather soon. With Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War just starting filming and it expecting to be the debut of the MCU Spider-Man, it makes sense we would get an announcement very soon before set pics leak.

Latino-Review isn’t always right, but they have been pretty close to the situation as of late. Hopefully whether or not Butterfield is Spidey, Marvel will make the much awaited announcement very soon.

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  • Fozymandias

    He was good in Ender’s Game so I think he’ll be a good Spidey ?

  • TLP

    Latino review? Just a couple of weeks ago they were saying that Spiderman would be black and his movie would be called “the new avenger”. When will people stop citing them as credible sources

    • Kolby Keith

      They never said he’d be black, but they’re still saying the working title is the new avenger. Nothing far fetched abou that. Plus they also leaked the spiderman deal weeks before it was, and the current selections for Spidey, and have had a positive track record with leaks

      • TLP

        Positive? Have you seen the shit they have been pouring out about BvS? They have announced like 30 characters that haven’t been confirmed yet and probably won’t, including doomsday, zasz, and a female robin. And pretty much everything they have leaked have been wrong or lucky guesses.

        80% of what they post is wrong, and the other 20% is predictable

  • Tobias Garfield

    Avenging spider-man is possibly Asa? he’s got that toby mcguire charm, well i have trustin marvel, not sure whoever it wll be however I have enough trust to think things will be good.

  • TheManWithABigToe

    Would much rather have Miles Morales.

    • TLP

      It would feel wrong to have miles Morales without having Peter parker first.

      Although what I would love to see is Miguel O’Hara. That could open up a whole new realm of possibilities to the mcu

  • Matt N.

    I’m glad they are sticking with the one true Spider-Man, Peter Parker. Every variant Spider-MAN has been a horrible let-down. Additionally, I have less than zero interest in any character who has, in any way, been inspired by Barack Obama. (Unless, of course, that character is a parody intended to insult this terrible excuse for a U.S. President. I don’t like him. I don’t have to like him. I’m entitled to my own opinion, and I really don’t care if anyone agrees with me.) I hope the Miles Morales stories are fantastic, but I will never read them. Peter Parker is the only Spider-Man. If they (Marvel/DC/etc.) want to introduce a new, ethnically/religiously/sexually diverse character, then make a NEW character. I feel this way about all superhero identities, though I hold most firm to the Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Steve Rogers/Captain America identities, as these are my two favorite characters of all time.

    • TLP

      I understand that you don’t like miles… But using that as an excuse has to be the stupidest reason I’ve ever heard not to like a character…

    • effingreat

      The fact that you need to bring your racist, homophobic, and religious xenophobia into a post about comics says a LOT about the content of your character.

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