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E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo)

Bleszinski & Bulletstorm Steal EA Press Conference With Ingenuity

by William Schwartz


Stuck between Crysis 2 and The Old Republic, Cliff Bleszinski snuck into Electronic Art’s E3 presentation and crept up behind these two giant titles and officially made a name for Bulletstorm. The presentation was full of new and broke the mold of what to expect from an FPS.

Things that we haven’t seen before from a video game of this genre were showcased today. A wide mixture of weapons and tactics to maim, taunt, and ultimately kill your enemies was the focus of this brief demonstration of the the title.   You could see some of the Gears creator’s influence in the title, but it was far from a copy.

The interesting premise of killing with style looked like something that everyone in the audience at E3 just wanted to try right then and there.  This has not been the first showing of the title from People can Fly but it is the first that showed the sheer size and scale of the title.

Expect good things from the  developer of Painkiller and Bleszinski advising the team as things flesh out towards release.

Bulletstorm E3 2010 Trailer

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