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Batman vs Superman Trailer 3 Is Available To Watch Now; Doomsday Confirmed

by Damian Seeto


The third trailer for Batman vs Superman has been released as we get a more extensive look at the showdown between The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel.

The teaser that was shown two days ago showed Batman tied up while an angry Superman unmasks him to see that he’s Bruce Wayne. This third new trailer shows us even more new scenes.

As announced, Jimmy Kimmel debuted the new trailer and it does not disappoint. It shows Clark Kent meeting up with Bruce Wayne plus it confirms that Doomsday is in the movie!

Yes, it was rumored that Doomsday would be in Batman vs Superman and now it’s true. You can see him clearly in this new trailer that has landed. It’s amazing.

Doomsday will pretty much be the final villain that Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have to face. It won’t be easy as Doomsday is one of the toughest villains in DC.

The trailer is quite long at 3 minutes long. It is very exciting and shows a lot more new footage we have not seen before. There is not many recycled scenes.

Check out the new Batman vs Superman trailer below:

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