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Battlefield 4 Prepares for battle at Sea

by William Schwartz

DICE has revealed a new teaser in it’s “Prepare for Battle” themed reveal for Battlefield 4.  This second teaser shows off a short underwater sequence by looking at the blades of a propeller.  It doesn’t tell us much, but perhaps it does signal that water will play a bigger role in Battlefield 4 than it did in Battlefield 3.

It’s hard to tell, but a new image just popped up on the Battlefield 4 site of an aircraft carrier.  Nothing new for Battlefield 3 players, but perhaps these massive units will have added depth other than just a take-off pad for aircraft.

DICE is readying a full reveal of Battlefield 4 on March 26th at GDC ’13.  The first full trailer will be live on February 27th.  If you missed the first teaser trailer, the land trailer, you can find it below.

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