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Bioshock Infinite’s Columbia remade in Minecraft

by William Schwartz

Bioshock Infinite’s Columbia is an awe inspiring sight.  This city in the clouds is anything but heavenly when you see what resides on its interior, but this beautiful exterior has been faithfully recreated in Minecraft.  YouTuber volx1337 has managed to make a surprisingly convincing block version of Irrational’s Columbia, complete with a working skyline rail system.

With a combination of texture packs,  shaders, and liscensed music, this is one of the best re-creations we’ve seen from Minecraft players in some time.  If you like this one, Volxleet has numerous creations over on their blog.

You’ll find a recreation of Rapture from the original Bioshock, a Sin City remake inspired by Frank Miller, and other goodies if you enjoy gazing in amazement at what others are capable of building with Mojang’s toolset.

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