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Destiny: The Dark Below DLC Cinematic Leaks

by William Schwartz


Destiny’s first DLC is set to arrive early next month, but this morning the cinematic trailer for said content has hit YouTube.  Apparently, the user who uploaded the video claims that the video was accessed “due to an error.”

The Dark Below will arrive on December 9th, and will raise the level-cap for Destiny players from 30 to 32.  The DLC which focuses on the Moon, will offer new story quests and missions, as well as a new Raid, Strike, and three new Crucible maps.

PlayStation owners seem to be getting the best deal with Destiny DLC.  Players on Sony platforms will get access to an additional Mars Strike Mission called The Undying Mind, as well as an exclusive Exotic Weapon.  This exclusive Destiny content will remain exclusive for Sony platforms until fall 2015.

This downloadable content for Destiny will come as part of the game’s season pass, or can be purchased separately for $19.99


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