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New Destiny video reveals new enemies, weapons, maps, vehicles and more

by William Schwartz


New Destiny gameplay footage has surfaced which reveals a whole bunch of new content that wasn’t seen in the recent Alpha Test on the PlayStation 4. Three minutes of footage includes a look at gameplay of new locations in the Destiny world, which include an off-Earth location to add to the Old Russia location from the Destiny Alpha.

New weapons, multiplayer maps, vehicles, and more can be discovered in the short video. You can see briefly that player vehicles can be outfitted with weapons, and that different parts of the Destiny universe will feature a wide range of different types of enemies.

It’s still unclear just how many worlds that Bungie has put together for the Destiny launch later this year.

Bungie is getting set to open the Destiny Beta on the PlayStation 4 in early July. The full game releases this September on the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

New Destiny Gameplay Footage

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