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Destiny’s New Multiplayer Mode Sounds A Lot Like Uplink From Advanced Warfare

by William Schwartz


Destiny fans have a lot to look forward to with the upcoming expansion, The Taken King. It is set to include a bevy of new features as well as some new multiplayer modes. It seems that one of the new modes takes a bit from Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s Uplink mode.

In our recent interview with Mark Noseworthy, Executive Producer of Destiny: The Taken King over at Bungie, we were able to touch on the contents of the expansion. Not only is the expansion going to add three new character sub-classes, a new raid, and a host of new content, but the multiplayer Crucible aspect is set to see some new arrivals as well. However, it seems that one of the new modes ‘Rifts’, sounds a little similar to that of another Activision title’s multiplayer mode. Specifically, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s Uplink mode. Mark gave this description of the mode:

“it is a team based objective mode. So you have alpha and bravo ..that spawn in the map and at roughly the center of the map there is a ‘spark’. Teams that capture the spark, if they can carry it to the opposing teams base and they can dunk it in their rift. This mystical rip in space-time. They score huge points. You still get scoring from kills of course, but you get a lot of points from dunking in their rift.” 

Now after hearing him say it and doing more research it seems that they really did base it off of Uplink from Advanced Warfare, judging by the similarities. Here’s some of Uplink’s description from the Call of Duty Wikia.

“The objective is to bring a satellite drone, which is placed in the middle of the map, to the enemy uplink station. Each team can score one point if the drone is thrown in or two points if the player enters the uplink station with the drone.”

No word if players can score two points by jumping into the rift with the ‘spark’ it, but it seems unlikely they would copy it exactly like that. Either way, fans of the Uplink mode will be pretty excited to see Rifts in Destiny‘s Crucible when The Taken King releases this September.

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