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Driveclub Receiving New “Icona Vulcano” Car Next Week

by Damian Seeto


Five new tracks were already added to Driveclub recently, yet a new car will be offered for free next week.

The new car in Driveclub is called “Icona Vulcano” and will be added to the PlayStation Store next week. The best part about it is that it will be a free download. It’s pretty cool how Evolution Studios has been offering all this content for free. Other games would release such content as paid DLC only.

Evolution Studios released a video today looking at how beautiful the Icona Vulcano car looks like in Driveclub. They raced the car with the dynamic weather system on. The game’s graphics look much cooler with the raindrops falling all over the screen.

The car itself looks pretty and performs pretty well. It’s a car you probably won’t be able to buy in real-life, so it’s great to see that people can drive it here in Driveclub. It looks great in the new Japan track that was released for the game earlier this month.

Evolution Studios has still yet to mention when the PS Plus Edition of the game is coming out. Hopefully it eventually arrives later this year. It had to be delayed thanks to the game’s online issues.

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