FIFA 14 Producer Series- Pro Instincts Trailer

by William Schwartz

Here’s the latest installment in EA SPORTS’ Producer Series for FIFA 14. Embedded above you’ll find the trailer for ‘Pro Instincts’, one of Next Gen FIFA 14’s new key systems of the Ignite engine.

The trailer features an explanation of the new system by David Rutter, Executive Producer, and Nick Channon, Line Producer, as well as next-gen gameplay and motion capture footage. It only lasts 51 seconds though, so if you want more information on Pro Instincts, here’s some deeper description, lifted directly from EA SPORTS’ website;

“For the first time, players in FIFA 14 will be able to anticipate and respond with human-reactions through Pro Instincts. Players now have full awareness and context of what is unfolding around them – transforming physical play in the beautiful game.”

“EA SPORTS IGNITE features Future Physics technology that enables players to quickly analyze potential outcomes of what is about to occur around them. This infuses each player with human-like awareness, anticipation, instincts and most importantly, reaction times. All 22 players on the field now make intelligent decisions like they would in a real match, such as anticipating tackles, avoiding tacklers or bracing for physical challenges.” 

“Previously, players did not have this context of their surroundings, resulting in unrealistic and frustrating collisions with the opponent. In FIFA 14 they will recognize an oncoming slide tackle and be able to adjust their body movement to avoid the defender’s leg.”

FIFA 14 is out now, with the IGNITE engine exclusively powering the Xbox One and PS4 versions.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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