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Final Fantasy XV Demo PS4 vs Xbox One Graphics Comparison

| March 22, 2015

Final Fantasy XV Demo PS4 vs Xbox One Graphics Comparison Videos  Square Enix Final Fantasy XV Final Fantasy

The Final Fantasy XV demo is out and now it’s time to compare the PS4 and Xbox One versions of it.

It was revealed a few days ago that the demo for Final Fantasy XV will not be in 1080p. The PS4 version clocks in at 900p while the Xbox One version is only 792p. Don’t worry though because Square Enix is aiming for 1080p when the full game comes out.

Gamespot has made a video looking at both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the Final Fantasy XV demo.

As for the graphics comparison for the Final Fantasy XV demo itself, both the PS4 and Xbox One versions look pretty similar. Some of the differences are minimal at best. The graphics are slightly smoother on PS4 over the Xbox One, but that’s about it. No matter how hard you look, you have to admit the game still looks very good.

I’ve only downloaded the PS4 version of Final Fantasy XV myself. Graphically I think the game as a whole looks brilliant, although there is some work that needs to done in some areas. I only noticed the game dropped in framerate a few times, although it was nothing major.

Check out the video below to see the graphics comparison:

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  • The PC Master Race

    And if it was on PC. It would be 1080P

    Deal with it console losers

    • lygamnt

      IM no console loser, I’m a gamer. Does it make you feel like you balls finally dropped to insult people online. Grow Up!

    • UPL

      Sad cunt…it said 1080p btw when full game is released fucktard..

      • David Peer

        Maybe….But will it be locked at 30fps like DA:I was on consoles?

      • The PC Master Race

        Cry more Sony drone :^)

    • Plerpy

      Except it’s not going to be on PC is it?

      • Matt Castro

        Knowing Square Enix it will probably get a port later down the line. Plus once Windows 10 comes out, you will be able to play any Microsoft game on PC.

        • YOUR NAME

          no you won’t…. where did you hear this? you can STREAM any xbox game to pc IF YOU HAVE AN XBOX.

          • Matt Castro

            Oh okay. That’s IF you already have an Xbox. Sorry I had not read it properly.

    • SpaceJockey

      Aww but it’s not so you deal with it :) that must hurt knowing that pc has one game coming in the next 2 year worth mentioning :) go on show us that list of old games nobody wants anymore

      • The PC Master Race

        Poor you not realizing PC’s getting most of the worthwhile AAA exclusives like Star Citizen, Overwatch and Fortnite in 2015. Loser :^)

        • SpaceJockey

          Haha so you’re gettin one game then because star citizen was the only one worth mentioning haha.. ONE game hash that’s all pcs getting for the next 2 year.. Poor you with no games


          How many more million you gonna shell out for Star Citizen for it to be a game. LMFAO. You dumb

    • Jason Laduke

      Agreed. Makes me laugh when ppl think Ps4 looks better than all.

    • Nick Greeley

      Because graphics are totally what makes a game good. Pathetic

    • arandomguy

      Just outta curiosity… are all PC gamers like you? I’m debating on getting a gaming pc…. but i think i’ll stick with the screeching 10 year olds. Besides, asides from the Forest and Killing Floor 2, I don’t see anything that wows me on PC.

  • Daniel Lopez

    I don’t see any difference

    • lygamnt

      I agree any difference was negligible at best. I am sick of this Ps4 1080p looks so much better blah blah crap. Both systems have a huge amount of horsepower. Games will get more and more advanced graphics lighting and this gen goes moves forward. Most of the games we are playing now had started development before either system was finalized. Don’t you think tool sets for both systems will advance leaps and bounds, Look at games at the beginning of the x360 ps3 gen, then look at the level of advanced graphics lighting and sound at the end of that gen. when Dev’s have had the time to learn both machines hardware and get the advanced API’s and other tools games will be awesome this generation of consoles.

      • Five5x

        Sick of it, because it’s true? No one made you come here but yourself. Maybe, you should stop watching comparison videos if you don’t like them. Oh, and the PS4 will always be more powerful than Xbone, but then again, nothing touches the pc.

        • lygamnt

          I didn’t say I didn’t like the comparison video. But I’m sick of idiots like you that go out and buy all this hardware so developers can make games look better instead of using tools to program for and make better games. The reason you need 16gb of rams and 5gb graphics cards are not because games are better its because programmers on PC games are sloppy we need more horse power to make marginally better games each time. and if your dumb enough to constantly upgrade hardware good for you you little puke I hope mommy and daddy by you the bestest stuff ever. Meanwhile my console will get better and better with no hardware upgrades because console developers’ learn the hardware the ins the outs better tools and all systems are the same so its easier to improve. You need to shut your fu#king mouth and have fun gaming. I own over 30 consoles that span 40 years Ihave five computers that span 30 year. I was programing my own games in first grade and build custom PC’s that would melt your face. Those are used for grapic design, CAD, and music and film production. So I am happy you can run your little PC. for gaming (so can I) but resolution doesn’t mater and unless you own at least a 45 inch PC monitor you can’t even truly see the difference from 900p to 1080p. So stop being little shitty troll thing and learn something before you spout your mouth off.

        • YOUR NAME

          people said the same about the ps3 and xbox 360… optimization beats raw power.

        • sat


        • King Tutt

          Lmao ur one of those kids that has to compare everything, and can’t be happy with just gaming.

          P.s. there’s literally no difference between the xbox one and ps4 versions lmao.

    • Arik

      The Anti Aliasing on PS4 is just slightly better. Thats about the only big difference.

  • mxguyver

    I wonder why BF Hardline, Resident Evil and Devil May Cry all perform significantly better on xbox one ? Resolution matters not…its FPS that matters. Xbox the better machine…and directx12 isnt even in place yet. Soon peoples !

    • Plerpy

      directx 12. The savior of all xbox fanboys.

      • SpaceJockey

        I’m sorry but you know that DX 12 will not be an any games till 2017? It takes time to make games and devs have only just started using the dx12 kits.. Also DX 12 won’t make any difference at all MS gave already told people this in as many different ways as they know how :/ Jesus

        • Plerpy

          Are you sure? I’ve read it in pretty much every gaming comments section that it’s the second coming of Christ.

          • SpaceJockey

            Major nelson. “Don’t expect DX 12 to make much of a difference”

          • YOUR NAME

            that was phil spencer and he elaborated on what he said. he said it will make a difference if the code is right.

          • SpaceJockey

            Bah two sides to the same coin and that isn’t true one bit, he was trying to lower peoples expectations because one perticular part of the community is way overhyping dx12 as the saviour of the Xbox one at the time and people would be able to see an immediate difference just like the cloud was. It’s not the case but you’ll see in like two years when games hit the shelves that acctually began development using the dx12 kits.

          • Plerpy

            Clearly he’s lying.

          • SpaceJockey

            If you say so. Denial

          • Plerpy

            It ain’t just a river in Africa.

          • SpaceJockey

            Yes that joke doesn’t work in written form.. The SOUND of denial= da Nile = the Nile.. Understand? Not the way it looks :)

          • Plerpy

            What on God’s green Earth are you talking about?

          • SpaceJockey

            I didn’t think you would understand anyway, never mind

          • Plerpy

            What did you call me?

          • SpaceJockey

            Haha well done Xbox best defence is jibberish after all

          • Plerpy

            I’m actually a PS4 owner. I guess my sarcasm was way too subtle before.

    • FlopzaFailEver’s mother

      And why every other game this year has performed better on the PS4.

      Change the record, FlopzaFailEver.

    • SpaceJockey

      Haha because they don’t.. Not rven close.. All the games you listed play better on ps4..

    • Country Boy Lucifer

      Yeah you see these games you mentioned are poorly optimised.

      if you have a game pushing both systems to the limit ps4 will outperform it every time.

      you mentioned 3 games out of the hundreds available now and 95% of these games perform better on ps4 the rest you could make an argumnet that ps4 STILL performs better

    • luvgames

      And what about the rest of the multiplats??? The point is the majority of multiplat games on next gen consoles run better on PS4! Ps Battlefield: Hardline one is 900p and the other is 720p and neither performs that well in frames dropped, Xbox one shouldn’t be dropping frames at all at that res but it does which is embarrassing for a next gen console

      • Jason Laduke

        Battlefield is too much for these consoles and isnt optimized at all, its either you meet the requirements or your not playing the game at all.

    • tasslehoff

      Lol you are imagining things i see.

  • Guest

    Plzz anyone can build a PC for the same price as a Ps4 or Xbox One and will run much better. Problem Solved. No need to worry about games that arent in 1080p.

  • Jason Laduke

    Anyone realize that these consoles are upscaled to 1080p…. Ps4 fans start hating!

  • Joseph towers

    How are the graphical differences “minimal at best” when there are clearly world objects missing in the xbone version? Take another look at the cars in the background at 2:08 and you’ll notice that the Xbox has some cars missing.

  • jimbob30

    u enjoy ur pc me ill enjoy what a games console was designed to do play videogames not everyone gives a toss about pc its not the be all and end all of videogames where is bloodborne eh only on ps4 that’s where u just enjoy u coss platform with xbox one games while ps4 games enjoy real exclusives I did like the xbox one but after seeing the games and how they don’t match ps4 in graphical fidelity have one has games that play really good but ps4 has games that look and play really good so advantage ps4 will be the same for ff15and kh3 avantage ps4 due to better and mre powerful proen hardware sorry but xbox really has lost this time to many bad decisions and crap ddr3

  • jimbob30

    Final fantasy is more a console game than a pc game so I think ps4 will get the best version as it is lead platform for those kind of games who the he’ll cares about a pc version anyway lol always having to change and upgrade ur hardware or software square Enix know how to make ps4 shine on will get a buggy untested version as always so grow up and go play games that were designed for pc while we play games on a console and then u can have the half assed port

  • sat

    WHO CARES !!!!! it doesn’t matter i want play it

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