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Final Fantasy XV Is Looking Huge And Epic

by Damian Seeto


During Paris Games Week, Square Enix has now shared some new footage from Final Fantasy XV. The game is looking huge and far from the linear levels seen in Final Fantasy XIII.

Many people disliked the level design from Final Fantasy XIII as they were narrow and much like what a FPS stage would play like. Final Fantasy XV will not be like this as it’s large and open-world in nature.

When you see a field, you are free to explore it. Noctis and his party also react like real humans do as well. Party members can get tired if they’re running for too long and will stop and rest if they have too. While driving the car, you can also rest and get more gas too.

The video stream from Final Fantasy XV is 10 minutes long and is in Japanese, but you will see a lot of cool things. The world truly is very large and you can see animals and creatures roaming around the fields. If you approach creatures, you will have to fight them but you can run away if you want.

The new Final Fantasy XV video is quite cool as you can see Noctis and friends just running around exploring the very large levels. There is even a day and night system built into the game engine as well. Enemy creatures increase at night time so it’s best to get rested during the day.

From the looks of things, Final Fantasy XV is a true open-world experience and it’s amazing. We can finally play a bit of it when the demo arrives in March 2015 with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

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