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First Look At WWE 2K16’s Stone Cold Showcase Mode

by Damian Seeto


A video has now been uploaded online taking a look at the Stone Cold showcase mode from WWE 2K16.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is not only on the cover for the game, but he will also have a Showcase mode dedicated to him as well. Fans will get a chance to relive his most iconic matches and more.

The video in question takes a look at a very memorable match that is recreated in the game. It’s from King of the Ring 1996 when Steve Austin faced off against Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

You will see a lot of what WWE 2K16 offers. They include entrances of the two WWE Superstars as well as some commentary from both Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

We also get to see highlights from the match gameplay too. The HUD looks similar to last year’s game, although there are a few changes here and there. The presentation is still pretty slick and the graphics are also good too.

The best part of the WWE 2K16 video is that it shows the famous “Austin 3:16” promo. You even see Michael Hayes interviewing Stone Cold as well. The audio is just ripped out from the original recording though.

Check out the video below:

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