Friends List App Walkthrough for Xbox One

by William Schwartz

Xbox Live users on the Xbox One will notice some changes come November 22nd. Users of the online service will be able to watch their online friends in real-time, view profiles, watch videos, and more — as detailed by this friends list app walkthrough for the Xbox One.

An evolution of the existing service, Xbox Live’s friends app allows you add up to 1000 friends on the expanded application. Tag friends, follow other people as you can in social networks like Twitter. You can just log-in and share the latest on Xbox Live with friends, family, fellow gamers, or anyone on the service.

And, the Xbox One will have privacy settings as well. You’ll only share what you want to share, so not everyone can see your information if you don’t choose to publicly allow it.

Xbox One is set for a November 22nd launch.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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