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Hawken Technician Update Goes Live for Mech-Pilots

by William Schwartz

The Technician Update has just gone live for Hawken. The update introduces the first support class mech to the battlefield, allowing players to “heal” other mechs in-match. Alongside the new mech, the update features a brand new map called Front Line.

“The Technician is different from the other mechs we have available, and it’s sure to be the center of attention for many weeks to come. You’ll quickly find that it’s played differently than other mechs and takes more of a supportive role, something we’ve wanted for the game. It gives those who aren’t as motivated to be on the front lines of battle a way to play an important role in a different way,” explains the Hawken devs over on the developer blog.

The latest patch also introduces a number of balance tweaks and cosmetic changes to better the Hawken experience.

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